Safe & Reliable Boat Trailers for Rent

We maintain our rental boat trailers to “like new” condition, so you can haul with confidence and keep your investment safe and secure. Choose the style below that fits your boat.

All of our boat trailers are bunk trailers, which are safe and reliable for all types of boats. Our boat trailers are heavy-duty tandem axle and triple axle with trailer brakes (except PWC trailers).

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V-HULL Trailer Rental Pricing

Fits boats like speedboats, runabouts, deck boats, center console boats, or skiffs. Trailers to fit 16-30 ft. length.


16-22 ft $119 $199 $649
22-24 ft $139 $229 $759
24-26 ft $159 $259 $869
26-28 ft $199 $329 $1089
28-30 ft $229 $379 $1249

Inboard Trailer Rental Pricing

These trailers are perfect for shaft-driven boats with inboard engines such as ski boats, sport fisherman, and cabin cruisers. Trailers to fit 20-26 ft. length.


20-22 ft $129 $219 $699
22-24 ft $179 $299 $979
24-26 ft $229 $379 $1249

Pontoon/Tritoon Trailer Rental Pricing

These trailers are specifically designed for pontoon boats and tritoon boats. These are not scissor trailers. These are heavy-duty bunk trailers that offer a safe and stable towing experience. Trailers to fit 18-30 ft. length.


18-22 ft $119 $199 $649
22-24 ft $150 $229 $759
24-26 ft $159 $259 $869
26-30 ft $225 $329 $1089

PWC Trailer Rental Pricing

These trailers are for PWC, Jet Ski, or a dinghy. We have trailers for single or double towing. Trailers to fit 10-12 ft. length.


10-12 ft
$79 $129 $429
10-12 ft
$119 $199 $649

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Choose the boat trailer that fits your boat


Bunk Boat Trailers For V-Hull Boats: Bunk boat trailers are the most common type of trailers with minimal moving parts, making it very easy to use. With a qualified boat driver and a tow vehicle driver, a bunk boat trailer makes both loading and unloading a snap. It can be such a fast and seamless process that bystander’s jaws can drop when they compare it to their long drawn out process at the boat ramp. We rent bunk trailers for V-hull boats from 16 ft. to 30 ft. length.

Ski Boat Trailers: We rent boat trailers specifically to accommodate inboard boats and ski boats from 20ft. to 26 ft. length. You’ll be travelling, loading, and unloading like a pro.

Pontoon Boat Trailers: Pontoon boat shapes and sizes are diverse, and we provide pontoon trailer styles to match any pontoon boat and make your hauling experience easy, seamless, and secure. Up to 30 ft. length.

Tritoon Boat Trailers are specialty trailers for hauling large heavy tritoon boats that often have sizable outboard motors. These heavy-duty tritoon boat trailers are designed for maximum stability when hauling. We offer several models to meet your needs and your desires. Most importantly, when you go down the road you know that your load is stable, and your investment is safe and secure. Up to 30ft. length.

Personal Watercraft Trailers: Get the right trailer for your Jet-ski or personal watercraft. We have personal watercraft trailers for hauling one or two watercraft. A well-matched personal watercraft trailer makes loading, unloading, and hauling a breeze. And you’ll look great doing it.

Skiff Boat Trailers: Haul your skiff easily and safely with the perfect skiff boat trailer to match your boat’s shape and size. Drive at speed on the highway or country roads and be confident that your boat is secure and riding smoothly. Enjoy peace of mind with the right skiff boat trailer perfectly suited to your needs.

Commander Line Boat Trailers: These are the boat trailers built for the long haul and unmatched durability. Haul your boat cross-country with a Commander Line Boat Trailer and have the confidence of a pro, knowing that your investment is riding atop the best trailer in its class.