Boat trailer repair and maintenance is often overlooked, but is essential to safety and success on every outing. Trailers and Transport provides a comprehensive mobile boat trailer repair service that comes to you!

You can also get your boat trailer repaired by bringing it to our shop. Call us at (678) 680-4423

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We provide mobile boat trailer repair service to the north Georgia communities of Gainesville, Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Buford, Sugar Hill, Dawsonville, and all locations in Hall County, Forsythe County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, and Dawson County

Trailers and Transport Annual Boat Trailer Maintenance Package:

  • Grease wheel bearings
  • Inspect tires and spare
  • Check all light functions, wiring harness, and connector plug
  • Inspect and lube winch
  • Inspect and lube hitch
  • Inspect and lube jack
  • Inspect, repair, and adjust rollers and bumpers
  • Inspect paint condition
  • Inspect trailer brakes (if applicable)
  • Price varies with number of axles, and number of issues found, but our service prices are always reasonable.

Call today to schedule mobile boat trailer maintenance or repair, or bring your boat trailer to our shop.
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Trailers and Transport stocks all of the boat trailer repair parts that you’ll ever need. We stock trailer repair parts for boat trailer bunks, boat trailer guides, boat trailer bumpers, boat trailer rollers, boat trailer lights and plugs, boat trailer tires, boat trailer winches, boat trailer jacks, and more.

Use our online option to easily inquire. With our mobile boat trailer repair you can keep your trailer in perfect running condition, and never have to lift a finger to maintain your boat trailer like a pro.

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Boat Trailer

There are two types of boat trailer owners. The one who puts their boat in the water in the spring, parks the trailer in the yard, and then pulls it out in the fall. And then there’s the owner who stores the boat on the trailer, and pulls it in and out of the water all season long.

For either scenario, the boat trailer is subjected to constant weather, sun, critters, and wear and tear.

So what is required to maintain your boat trailer properly? First of all, the wheel bearings need to be greased every year.

Secondly, you need to maintain lights that function properly with turn signals, brake lights, etc. This requires maintaining the entire wiring harness, as well as the plug connector that plugs into the back of your vehicle. One trip down the road with your plug dragging on the pavement spells an electrical repair.

The third big item is tires. Because they sit in the sun, and are in the same position for months on end, tires crack and wear out. Furthermore, they are required to carry a very heavy load. Blowouts are bad news on your boat trailer, so a professional inspection can alert you it’s time for new rubber.

Next on the list is your winch. This is just a matter of inspection and some lube to keep it functioning as it should. Double check the clip that secures the cable to the bow of your boat is working as it should.

Inspect smooth operation of the coupler that clamps down and connects the boat trailer to the vehicle hitch. A simple lube job can be the difference between smooth operation, and failure.

At this juncture, make sure your safety chains are in working order. There’s a reason why every trailer has them. For everyone’s safety, and your peace of mind, make sure you’ve got a good back up connection to your vehicle.

What is the condition of your trailer jack Everyone’s seen a trailer where the jack wasn’t up all the way when the truck started driving away. It gets bent. If your jack isn’t operating properly, get a new one and look like a pro.

Other components of boat trailer maintenance are the bumpers and rollers. Keep rollers lubed and adjusted to meet the boat bottom perfectly to distribute your boat’s weight and so you can load and unload with ease. Keep your bumpers up to snuff to protect the fiberglass of your boat, and to direct your boat to the sweet spot when loading.

Trailers for larger boats are equipped with trailer brake systems. Make certain your brakes are in working order at the start of every season for safe and easy transport.

Lastly, what is the condition of your trailer’s paint? Keep rust at bay, and look great going down the road with a solid paint job on your trailer.

As you can see, there are quite a few aspects to how to maintain your boat trailer properly. If you follow the boat trailer maintenance items outlined here, you will likely have no problems at all. Make a [mobile boat trailer repair service request] with Trailers and Transport and enjoy happy and safe boat trailering all season long.