How much does professional boat transport service cost?
There are several factors that influence the price to transport a boat:

The cost of transporting a boat is typically $5 per loaded mile. This depends on the type of boat, the weight of the vessel and the routes chosen. Our boat hauling company factors in all these components to ensure you get effective and affortable boat transport.

This pricing is variable however so it’s important to contact us if you want to get an actual quote.

The Factors Affecting Transport Costs

Length of boat

Width of boat

Height of boat

Weight of boat

Your trailer or ours?

Location of pick up and delivery

Number of state lines crossed

Distance travelled

Specialized preparations required

Oversized load compliance

Permitting required

Shrink Wrap option

It’s easy to find out exactly how much it will cost to transport your boat by filling out our online form and receiving a custom quote. It’s fast!

Key Factors Affecting Boat Transport Costs

Here is a recap of some of the cost factors in boat hauling.


Boat dimensions

Length: Longer boats typically require more resources and specialized equipment, resulting in higher costs.

Width: Wider boats may be considered oversized loads, which could require permits and additional fees.

Height: Taller boats could necessitate route planning for clearances and might incur additional costs.

Weight: Heavier boats require more robust transport equipment and may impact fuel consumption, increasing costs.


Trailer options

Using your own trailer: Providing your own boat trailer can save on rental fees, but make sure it’s in good condition and compatible with your boat.

Renting a trailer: If you don’t own a suitable trailer, you can rent one from the transport service, but this will increase the overall cost.


Pick-up and delivery locations

Accessibility: Remote or hard-to-reach locations may require additional resources, increasing transport costs.

Proximity to major highways: Locations closer to highways can reduce fuel consumption and travel time, lowering costs.

Number of state lines crossed and distance traveled

Crossing multiple state lines can result in additional permits and fees, increasing the overall cost.

Longer distances typically mean higher fuel consumption and longer travel times, which can also increase the cost.
Specialized preparations:

Pre-transport inspections: Some boats may require specialized inspections or preparations, which can add to the cost.

Securing your Vessel: Additional equipment or services may be necessary to safely secure your boat during transport, increasing costs.


Oversized load compliance

Boats exceeding certain dimensions may be considered oversized loads, which can require permits, specialized equipment, and escorts, resulting in higher costs.
Permitting requirements:

Some boats may require special permits for transport, which can add to the overall cost.
Shrink wrap options:

Shrink wrapping your boat can protect it from the elements and debris during transport but will add an additional cost to the service.