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Your boat is a precious asset and requires the utmost care when it is transported to a new location. Our Boat Transport Service specializes exclusively in transporting boats of all styles. We are marine professionals that fully understand the nuances of preparing and delivering a boat safely.

We take pride as a leader in transporting boats on time, with friendly professional drivers who take care to treat your boat with respect. We communicate clearly and effectively with our transport clients, so you feel assured that your valuable investment will arrive as planned.

A quad axle boat trailer carries a heavy cabin cruiser

We Transport Your Vessel With Care

We transport many types of boats including cabin cruisers, sport fisherman, center console, ski boats, pontoon boats, tritoons, runabouts, and more.

Some crafts require disassembly of towers, radar, or antennas, to accommodate transport. You can rest assured that because we are marine industry leaders, the disassembly and reassembly upon arrival is performed to the highest level of integrity.

We take care to pad and position your boat properly, secure it fully, and plan our route to maximize safety and efficiency. We also provide a shrink-wrap option that protects your boat from road debris and grime.

When you book boat transport with our team, you invest in peace of mind. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured specifically for hauling boats.

A Boat Transport Experience You Can Rely On

We take care of all permitting required for oversized loads, or interstate transport. Our transport team strives to make the journey to your boat’s new location a seamless experience.

Trailers and Transport has a full lineup of trailers that we can provide for hauling. They are in like-new condition and impeccably maintained. If we haul on your trailer, we perform an in-depth inspection to ensure the trailer is ready for the trip.

Choose Fellow Boat Enthusiasts to Transport Your Boat

Our transport team members are boaters that live and breathe immersed in the boating industry. We believe it is an important aspect of our boat transport business that the service you choose understands all of the intricacies of boat hauling.

Our goal is to provide you value, excellent client service, safe delivery, and peace of mind that your valuable asset is treated with the utmost care.

Why Florida Boaters Choose Trailers and Transport

Boat owners that are serious about their boat want it to be transported by a company that cares about their valued possession. We have experience with all types of vessels, so you can rest assured that your boat will be transported correctly.

Trust is our number one commitment that we make to you as our boat transport client. Trust that your boat will receive the constant care and attention it deserves as it makes its overland journey safely, without incident.

Safety First

Our transport team performs an in-depth safety inspection prior to departure to ensure that every aspect of the trailer and tow vehicle is ready to make the journey.

We abide by all laws of the road, pull all of the official permits required, and communicate with our clients to provide a seamless delivery to the destination.

Transparent Pricing

When you request a quote from us, there are no hidden fees or surprises. We provide simply honest upfront pricing that you can count on.

Every boat transport that we perform is unique in its pick up and delivery requirements. We provide solutions that are efficient, and practical.

Get Your Boat Into The Water!

Whether it’s across the state, or an interstate journey, we are ready to provide you with professional boat transport service that makes it easy for you.

Simply fill out the request for an online quote. It only takes a few minutes and we will return a transparent detailed quote that will give you confidence to get the job done.

Trust the boating professionals at Trailers and Transport to provide the utmost care for your boat as we deliver it safely and on time. 


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