Com-Fab KCT-1200G



12 ft Galvanized Trailer
*Trailer include Swivel Jacks

Specifications and Options:
Variations from 2 Kayaks – 6 Canoes Available
Independent Tie-Downs
Crossbeams with steel channel locks increase stability while still allowing for adjustment
Plastic padding (optional) offers increased protection from scratches while moving
12′, 14′ and 16′ Trailer Lengths
Adjustable Crossbeam Height
Independent tie-down rings on each side allow for rapid securing for easy load and go
480×12″ C Load Range Tires
1000LB GVWR Axle (1500 and 2000LB available)
Class II Coupler with 2″ Ball
Submersible LED Tail Lights

Canoe/Kayak Kits:
*Trailer Not Included
Model: CFKIT-KAY(2), 2 Place Kayak Kit, Uprights-24″(x2), Crossbeams-60″(x2), Base Price:$336, w/Plastic Covering:$357
Model: CFKIT-CAN(2), 2 Place Canoe Kit, Uprights-24″(x2), Crossbeams-80″(x2), Base Price:$350, w/Plastic Covering:$385
Model: CFKIT-KAY(3), 3 Place Kayak Kit, Uprights-30″(x2), Crossbeams-60″&48″(x2ea), Base Price:$518, w/Plastic Covering:$553
Model: CFKIT-CAN(3), 3 Place Canoe Kit, Uprights-30″(x2), Crossbeams-80″&48″(x2ea), Base Price:$539, w/Plastic Covering:$581
Model: CFKIT-KAY(4S), 4 Place Kayak Kit(Short), Uprights-30″(x2), Crossbeams-60″(x4), Base Price:$546, w/Plastic Covering:$581
Model: CFKIT-KAY(4T), 4 Place Kayak Kit(Tall), Uprights-40″(x2), Crossbeams-60″(x4), Base Price:$560, w/Plastic Covering:$602
Model: CFKIT-CAN(4S), 4 Place Kayak Kit(Short), Uprights-40″(x2), Crossbeams-80″(x4), Base Price:$609, w/Plastic Covering:$658
Model: CFKIT-CAN(4T), 4 Place Kayak Kit(Tall), Uprights-48″(x2), Crossbeams-80″(x4), Base Price:$623, w/Plastic Covering:$672
Model: CFKIT-KAY(6S), 6 Place Kayak Kit(Short), Uprights-48″(x2), Crossbeams-60″(x6), Base Price:$763, w/Plastic Covering:$833
Model: CFKIT-KAY(6T), 6 Place Kayak Kit(Tall), Uprights-60″(x2), Crossbeams-60″(x6), Base Price:$784, w/Plastic Covering:$847

Canoe/Kayak Crossbars and Uprights:
24″ Galvanized Upright-$47
30″ Galvanized Upright-$50
40″ Galvanized Upright-$60
48″ Galvanized Upright-$65
60″ Galvanized Upright-$75
48″ Galvanized Crossbar-$107
60″ Galvanized Crossbar-$119
80″ Galvanized Crossbar-$133
48″ Galvanized Crossbar w/ plastic-$114
60″ Galvanized Crossbar w/ plastic-$126
80″ Galvanized Crossbar w/ plastic-$144


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